Dark Paranormal Romance (2)
  • Bad Blood by: Cadence Denton

    My vision fractured into shards of light. Stars joined the little birds as Janie slammed my head onto the floor several times. Stunned, I felt her climb off me, kneeing me in the stomach in the process.
    “You know what I wish, little sister?”
    “That I’d die?” My voice sounded sulky in my own ears.
    She snorted, her lips curved into a sneer. “Nothing quite so simple. No, I wish you were an Amber Alert. That someone would kidnap you and you’d disappear.” She snapped her fingers open wide like a magician completing a trick. “Now, that would turn my frown upside down.”
    I gaped at her, unable to speak as her words rolled over me in a tidal wave of hatred. I’d never truly understood the depth of her loathing. It was the knockout punch that left no outward mark.
    The room was still. The entire house was quiet, as though the violence of her words had made it catch its breath.
    The silence was broken by a woman’s scream of terror. My mother’s, I later learned. It was the first scream. It wouldn’t be the last.

    I didn’t know it at the time, but neither did I know Janie’s wish would come true.

  • Fire and Blood by: Cadence Denton

    Jeannette’s life sucks. An outcast orphan addicted to junky blood, she is desperate for a chance at redemption. She’s the most powerful of her Firewalker race, but that’s not saying much since the Firewalkers are on the verge of extinction—thanks to Jeannette’s disastrous mistakes. For centuries she’s searched for her personal unicorn, the elusive Fecund, the Firewalkers’ human mates. He’s out there…somewhere.
    She lost everything—family, fortune and her future when the ruling Council of Seven declared her a traitor for her part in the genocide of the Fecund race. Her desperation is understandable simply because the Council refuses to believe that she was set up by the Revenant vampire, Alexander the Great.
    Devin McIntyre’s life imploded eleven years ago when his twenty-first birthday celebration collided with a blood sucker named, Alexander. With his parents slaughtered and his twin sisters taken by the psychotic vampire, Devin turned to the ultra-secret Society for Eternal Illumination for training in urban warfare and help in confronting his demons.
    In a dilapidated hotel in Jackson, Mississippi he set a trap certain he’d tracked down his old, old enemy. Hoping to find his sisters, instead Devin uncovers a myth.

    When a long-legged beauty walks through a wall of fire, Devin’s beliefs are shattered.
    When Jeannette tastes his Fecund blood after centuries believing his race extinct, she knows she has found a priceless treasure.
    From their first kiss, their first intimate touch, Jeannette realizes that in Devin she’s found salvation. This human male has the power to save a race balancing on the precipice of extinction.

    But when allies become enemies and havens become traps, she suspects her “treasure” has his own agenda.