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    Cadence Denton


WetWork, Dark Man Case Files, Episode 4

by: Cadence Denton

The Department and Black Group have been joined by The Guild and Omicron, a new player on the espionage scene, in a four-way tug of war with Dark Man in the middle. A captive in the Medic’s lab of horrors, Dark Man is losing his grip on reality–and his humanity. Problem is, if DM goes down, so does the civilized world.

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WetWork, Dark Man Case Files, Episode 4 is a gritty, action-packed romantic serial (44k). Filled with pulsing passion and heart pounding intrigue, it is the final episode in this hot, new series by author, Cadence Denton.

Dark Man has tumbled down the rabbit hole. Brain surgery intended to turn him into the perfect killing machine has instead resulted in an emotional disconnect leaving him in a dark place where reality and memory are indistinguishable. The Medic claims that without the distraction of pesky emotions, DM will be more focused, more productive—in a word—the perfect assassin. The problem is his heart won’t cooperate. He can’t forget he is in love with Angel.

Angel’s plan to rescue DM blew up in her face, tossing her and DM’s identical twin brother, Damien, into a world of trouble and misery. Taken captive by the Guild’s enemy—the super-secret Omicron—she has learned the true meaning of pain. Bearing both physical and mental scars, Angel joins forces with both friends and enemies to free DM. The question is, which DM has she freed? The DM she loves or automaton DM?

From Houston to Bucharest, attacks come from every side forcing Angel to either break through to this “new and improved” DM or risk having their world—and their love—blown apart.
Can DM and Angel survive?



Publisher: Cardwell & Dale Press
Publish Date: 2016
Page Count: 147

Meet the Author
My love of books began in elementary school with Nancy Drew mysteries. By high school, I was immersed in Jane Austin and Georgette Heyer. So, naturally I write dark (and light) paranormal romance, gritty hitmen contemporaries, and time travel. A daughter of the South, I live on the banks of the Mississippi opposite the oldest settlement on the river where I share my writer’s cave with four dachshunds and a slightly ditzy cocker spaniel.

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