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A Game of Chance, Luck driven and Fate inspired. It is the flash of the roulette wheel, the bounce of the dice, a single card throw.

But once won, it must be carefully tended. Nourished with blood and bone, strength and determination, compassion and hope and sacrifice.

Only then will love endure.



The Burial Ground…

Deleted Scenes,  Character Genealogies, Interesting Tidbits

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    Cadence Denton

Dark Man has tumbled down the rabbit hole… To a place where everything is suspect, even his memory. Will he remember Angel?


Midnight Delight NN Light
" Take one witty female celebrity chef who happens to be a vampire, mix in a snarky annoying human bent on becoming eternal, a drool-worthy supernatural assassin who makes Brad Pitt look like a geek, a huge threat to the Shadowlands creatures, not to mention glorious food and you’ve got a five-star delight. "
WetWork Episode 4 Amazon Reviewer
" I LOVED this series! It has kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. "
Fire and Blood Amazon Reviewer
" It was hard to put the book down. I read it in one day! I am looking forward to the next sequel. Keep writing Cadence! "
WetWork Episode 1 Amazon Reviewer
" Sexy and Dangerously Gorgeous Dark Man will Leave you Wanting More. "
Midnight Delight Amazon Reviewer
" I could not put it down! I actually love the other world cooking twist!! I hope to read more of what happens with Rocco and The Contessa!! "
Bad Blood Amazon Reviewer
" Holds your attention and leaves you wanting more. "
WetWork Episode 4 Amazon Reviewer
" I loved how Angel and DM's story ended. Most of my questions were answered, but the author left the door open for the series to continue, which I love! The love scenes were hot and tender and the action was nonstop. Great series. "
Hungry Like the Wolf Amazon Reviewer
" I absolutely love this series. This one is so tongue in cheek, with thinly disguised celebs you will recognize immediately, that it brings this story to a whole new level. Funny and unforgettable. "
WetWork Episode 2 Susan Newman
" I read the sequel, WetWork: Dark Man Files, Episode 2 and all I can say is WOW!! "
Fire and Blood Amazon Reviewer
" What a wonderful new take on vampires that makes perfect sense! Wonderful characters that keep you on your toes wondering who's truly a good soul and who's evil! "
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