WetWork Review
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Sensual and provocative, this first Episode of WetWork: Dark Man Case Files clearly and cleverly sets the stage for the rest of the story. It’s fast paced and draws you into this world of assassins, and you quickly learn the hunter can turn into the hunted at the snap of a finger. Not only that, but there are trust issues even among those who are supposed to be on the same side. I started this story at bedtime and read late into the night so I could finish it in one reading. It was that intriguing. 5 star books I Love


Dark Man is a mysterious and dangerous hero in this tightly wound work by author Cadence Denton. If you love your anti-heroes tall, dark, gorgeous, and tortured, WetWork: Dark Man Case Files Episode 1 is a wonderful read.

Sexy and Dangerously Gorgeous Dark Man will Leave you Wanting More  Beatrice Thompson


This book will keep you continue to read to the last page. Looking forward to read following episodes. Hope to find them as exciting as this